Thrips palmi

Thrips palmi (palm thrips) are polyphagous pests of Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae in many regions of the world. Here, PEST CABWeb® provides you with a datasheet of information on identity, hosts, geographical distribution, biology, detection and identification, means of movement and dispersal, pest significance (including economic impact, control and phytosanitary risk), phytosanitary measures, and bibliography.

The datasheet is an extract from the recently published book, Quarantine Pests For Europe, 2nd Edition, prepared by CABI and EPPO for the European Union. (Editorial Committee: I M Smith and D G McNamara, European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and P R Scott and M Holderness, CAB INTERNATIONAL). This book is the result of collaboration between EPPO and CAB INTERNATIONAL, sponsored by the Commission of the European Union, to prepare data sheets on pests of plants of quarantine significance for Europe and the Mediterranean region. Coverage extends to insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and parasitic plants. It includes organisms that are found outside Europe and the Mediterranean that present a risk to this region, as well as those that are present but have restricted distribution and are subject to phytosanitary controls. The format of the FAO model data sheet is followed, using standard headings.

The illustration above was supplied by ICRISAT, as part of their contribution to the Crop Protection Compendium.

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