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Primary and Review Journals

Bulletin of Entomological Research
Bulletin of Entomological Research publishes international original research papers on: agricultural entomology; medical and veterinary entomology (human and animal health); biological control; stored products entomology; natural resource management. Taxonomic papers are accepted if relevant. A forum section includes state-of-the-art guest editorials, invited review papers and short communications on topics of general interest.

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Biocontrol News and Information
Provides comprehensive coverage of the use of biotic agents in the control of pests and diseases. The journal publishes editorials, news items, review articles, conference reports and informative summaries of the world literature on biological control.

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Abstract Journals

Nematological Abstracts
Abstracts on: nematodes parasitic on plants, free-living and marine nematodes, nematodes parasitic on insects or other invertebrates. Aspects covered include: morphology, taxonomy, pathology, control, biochemistry, physiology, biology, behaviour, life-history, pathogen relationships, ecology, distribution, genetics, molecular biology, pest resistance, techniques.

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Review of Agricultural Entomology
Abstracts of the world literature on agricultural entomology, including: insects and other arthropods as pests of cultivated plants, forest trees and stored products; beneficial arthropods such as parasites and predators; slugs and snails as agricultural pests.

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Review of Medical & Veterinary Entomology
Covers abstracts of the world's literature on insects and other arthropods which transmit diseases or are otherwise injurious to man and to animals of significance to man. Subject coverage includes arthopods which are disease vendors, haematophagous, ectoparasitic, agents of myiasis, allergenic, associated with carrion or dung, venomous or toxic, or otherwise of public health importance. Aspects include: physiology, taxonomy, ecology, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, disease transmission pest management, pesticides, entomopathogens, parasites and predators.

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Review of Plant Pathology
Abstracts on: diseases of crop plants, ornamental plants and forest trees caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses and mycoplasma-like organisms; non-parasitic diseases; mycorrhizas. Aspects covered include: taxonomy; morphology; genetics; physiology; molecular biology; control; fungicides and antibiotics; regulation and quarantine.

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Weed Abstracts
Abstracts on weeds, weed control and allied subjects. Aspects covered include: weed control in field, herbage, horticultural and forestry crops; non-crop weed control; weed biology; weed ecology; aquatic weeds; parasitic weeds; poisonous weeds; herbicide properties; herbicide analysis; herbicide residues; herbicide toxicology; physiological effects of herbicides; weed control equipment and application; weed utilization; economic, extension and legislative aspects.

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Pest Management Resources

Spotlight on
With various subjects from the range of pest management information that CABI provides.

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Calendar of Crop Protection Events
With details of conferences, meetings, seminars and training courses.

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Crop Protection Compendium Information and Support
Information, technical tips and support for the Crop Protection Compendium Global Module. This CD-ROM supplies detailed information of global relevance on many pests, crops and natural enemies worldwide.

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Herbicide Names - common and chemical
List of common names and abbreviations employed for currently used herbicides in Weed Abstracts

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Pest Identification
Information about how to identify your pest or beneficial organism, including information about the CABIKEY range of applications

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Pest Management Research and Training
Current research and training projects in pest management from all areas of CABI including CABI Bioscience.

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Taxonomic Guides

Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria
This series of Descriptions provides standardized, illustrated descriptions of pathogens for use by plant pathologists and veterinary and medical mycologists.

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Distribution Maps

Distribution Maps of Plants Pests

A series of maps giving world distribution of arthopod pests of agriculture and forestry, and their products.

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Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases

A series of maps giving world distribution of plant pathogens.

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