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Editorial Information

ISSN: 0957-6770
(Continues: Review of Applied Entomology Series B: Medical and Veterinary)

Content and Coverage

The coverage of this journal is primarily the biology (all aspects) and control of insects and other arthropods (e.g. ticks, mites, spiders, scorpions) which transmit diseases or are otherwise injurious (e.g. parasitic, blood-feeding, stinging, allergenic, venomous, poisonous) to man, domestic animals and wild animals (vertebrates) (or are associated with vertebrate carrion, faeces, skins/fur/feathers), or which have nuisance value, are synanthropic, or which have relevance to hygiene (e.g. food hygiene, waste disposal).

Also covered are:

  • research on vector-borne diseases and pathogens (e.g. arboviruses, borrelias, rickettsias) which are not covered elsewhere by the CAB ABSTRACTS database
  • research on the chemical (e.g. insecticides, acaricides, insect growth regulators, insect repellents - including environmental considerations of use/ecotoxicology) and biological control agents (e.g. insect-pathogenic bacteria, entomogenous fungi, parasitoids, predators) used to control arthropods of medical and veterinary importance
  • certain other aspects of applied entomology (e.g. aquatic insects as biological indicators of pollution; insects as human/domestic animal foods; arthropods or their products as therapeutic agents; forensic entomology; maggot therapy).