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December 1998, Vol 88 No. 6, Supplement

Response of tsetse flies (Diptera: Glossinidae) to vegetation in Zimbabwe: implications for population distribution and bait siting.

G. A. Vale

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Acknowledgements Download PDF (24k)
Abstract Download PDF (24k)
Introduction Download PDF (18k)
Study area and general methods

Download PDF (15k)

Preliminary studies Download PDF (85k)
Empirical studies Download PDF (137k)
Analytical studies Download PDF (128k)
Theoretical studies Download PDF (158k)
Discussion Download PDF (33k)
References Download PDF (23k)
Appendix A. Natural features near traps

Download PDF   (7k)

Appendix B. Model of movement Download PDF (19k)
Appendix C. Rules of optimal siting Download PDF   (7k)
Appendix D. Insects other than tsetse Download PDF (11k)

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