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Advances in Stored Product Protection 
by P F Credland, D M Armitage, C H Bell, P M Cogan, E Highley
July 2003
African Cereal Stem Borers: Economic Importance, Natural Enemies and Control
by A Polaszek
May 1998
Agricultural Biotechnology in International Development 
by C Ives, B Bedford
September 1998
Agricultural Biotechnology: Country Case Studies - A Decade of Development
by G J Persley, L R MacIntyre
November 2001
Agricultural Biotechnology: Opportunities for International Development
by G J Persley
January 1991
Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources 
by R E Evenson, D Gollin, V Santaniello
September 1998
Ainsworth and Bisby's Dictionary of the Fungi, 9th Edition 
by P M Kirk, P F Cannon, J C David, J A Stalpers
October 2001
Aphelenchida, Longidoridae and Trichodoridae: Their Systematics and Bionomics
by D J Hunt
September 1993
Aphids on the World's Trees: An Identification and Information Guide
by R L Blackman, V F Eastop
June 1994
Apples: Botany, Production and Uses
by D C Ferree, I Warrington
May 2003
Application Technology for Crop Protection 
by G A Matthews, E C Hislop
August 1993
Appropriate Biotechnology in Small-Scale Agriculture: How to Reorient Research and Development
by J F G Bunders, J E W Broerse
January 1991
Area-Wide Control of Fruit Flies and Other Insect Pests 
by K H Keng-Hong Tan
December 2000
Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) 
by Z Boucek
January 1988
Bacterial Wilt: The Disease and its Causative Agent, Pseudomonas solanacearum
by A C Hayward, G L Hartman
January 1994
Barley: Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
by P R Shewry
January 1992
Below-ground Interactions in Tropical Agroecosystems: Concepts and Models with Multiple Plant Components
by M van Noordwijk, G Cadish, C K Ong
May 2004
Bioassays of Entomopathogenic Microbes and Nematodes 
by A Navon, K R S Ascher
April 2000
Bioconversion of Forest and Agricultural Plant Residues 
by J N Saddler
July 1993
Biological Control in IPM Systems in Africa 
by P Neuenschwander, C Borgemeister, J Langewald
June 2003
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