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The Biology of Terrestrial Molluscs 
by G M Barker
September 2001
The Convention on Biological Diversity and Product Commercialisation in Development Assistance Projects: A Case Study of LUBILOSA
by D Dent, C Lomer
September 2001
Invasive Alien Species: A Toolkit of Best Prevention and Management Practices
by R Wittenberg, M J Cock
September 2001
Fungi as Biocontrol Agents: Progress, Problems and Potential
by T Butt, C Jackson, N Magan
August 2001
Biotic Interactions in Plant-Pathogen Associations 
by M J Jeger, N J Spence
July 2001
Insects on Palms 
by F W Howard, R Giblin-Davis, D Moore, R Abad
June 2001
Parasitic Nematodes: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology
by M Kennedy, W Harnett
April 2001
Area-Wide Control of Fruit Flies and Other Insect Pests 
by K H Keng-Hong Tan
December 2000
Evaluating Indirect Ecological Effects of Biological Control 
by E Wajnberg, J K Scott, P C Quimby
December 2000
Ganoderma Diseases of Perennial Crops 
by J Flood, M Holderness, P Bridge
December 2000
Insect Pests in Tropical Forestry 
by M R Speight, F R Wylie
December 2000
Tylenchida: Parasites of Plants and Insects, 2nd Edition
by M R Siddiqi
December 2000
Fire Blight: The Disease and its Causative Agent, Erwinia amylovora
by J Vanneste
August 2000
Chemical Pesticide Markets, Health Risks and Residues 
by J Harris
July 2000
Crop Pollination by Bees 
by K S Delaplane, D R Mayer
July 2000
Priorities in Biopesticide Research and Development in Developing Countries 
by J Harris, D Dent
July 2000
Insect Pest Management, 2nd Edition 
by D Dent
June 2000
Hemp Diseases and Pests Management and Biological Control
by J M McPartland, R C Clarke, D P Watson
May 2000
Bioassays of Entomopathogenic Microbes and Nematodes 
by A Navon, K R S Ascher
April 2000
Sampling and Monitoring in Crop Protection: The Theoretical Basis for Designing Practical Decision Guides
by M R Binns, J P Nyrop, W van der Werf
April 2000
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