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Biological Control in the Tropics 
by Loke Wai Hong
January 2000
Managing Agricultural Biotechnology: Addressing Research Program Needs and Policy Implications
by J I Cohen
October 1999
The Luteoviridae 
by H G Smith, H Barker
September 1999
Mites: Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
by D E Walter, H C Proctor
September 1999
Pheromones of Non-Lepidopteran Insects Associated with Agricultural Plants 
by J Hardie, A K Minks
September 1999
Inducible Gene Expression in Plants 
by P H S Reynolds
March 1999
Insecticide Resistance From Mechanisms to Management
by I Denholm, J A Pickett, A L Devonshire
March 1999
Septoria on Cereals A Study of Pathosystems
by J A Lucas, P Bowyer, H M Anderson
February 1999
Fungi Causing Tar Spots on Palms 
by I K Hyde, P F Cannon
January 1999
Distribution Maps of Quarantine Pests for Europe 
by I M Smith, L M F Charles
December 1998
The Physiology and Biochemistry of Free-living and Plant-parasitic Nematodes 
by R N Perry, D J Wright
November 1998
Agricultural Biotechnology in International Development 
by C Ives, B Bedford
September 1998
Agricultural Values of Plant Genetic Resources 
by R E Evenson, D Gollin, V Santaniello
September 1998
Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens 
by P D Bridge, Y Couteaudier
August 1998
Take-All Disease of Cereals: A Regional Perspective
by D Hornby, G L Bateman, R J Gutteride, P Lucas, A E Osbourn, E Ward, D J Yarham
July 1998
Thysanoptera: An Identification Guide, 2nd Edition
by L A Mound, G Kibby
July 1998
Fungicides in Crop Protection 
by H G Hewitt
June 1998
Plant Breeding and Whole-System Crop Physiology: Improving Adaptation, Maturity and Yield
by D H Wallace, W Yan
June 1998
African Cereal Stem Borers: Economic Importance, Natural Enemies and Control
by A Polaszek
May 1998
The Identification of Worker Castes of Termite Genera from Soils of Africa and the Middle East 
by W A Sands
March 1998
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