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Plants that Hyperaccumulate Heavy Metals 
by R R Brooks
January 1998
Potato Cyst Nematodes: Biology, Distribution and Control
by R J Marks, B B Brodie
January 1998
The Pathology of Food and Pasture Legumes 
by D J Allen, J M Lenn�/span>
December 1997
Plant Clinic Handbook 
by J M Waller, B J Ritchie, M Holderness
December 1997
Plant Nematode Control 
by A G Whitehead
November 1997
Termites: Biology and Pest Management
by M J Pearce
November 1997
Thrips as Crop Pests 
by T Lewis
November 1997
Seed Health Testing: Progress Towards the 21st Century
by J D Hutchins, J C Reeves
September 1997
The Bionomics of Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Their Kin 
by S K Gangwere, M C Muralirangan, M Muralirangan
June 1997
Wheat Production and Utilization: Systems, Quality and Environment
by M J Gooding, W P Davies
May 1997
The Gene-for-Gene Relationship in Plant-Parasite Interactions 
by I R Crute, E B Holub, J J Burdon
April 1997
Methods in Ecological and Agricultural Entomology 
by D R Dent, M P Walton
March 1997
Nematode Vectors of Plant Viruses 
by C E Taylor, D J F Brown
February 1997
Essential Oil Crops 
by E A Weiss
December 1996
Quarantine Pests for Europe, Second Edition 
by I M Smith, D G McNamara, P R Scott, M Holderness
December 1996
Biotechnology of Ornamental Plants 
by R L Geneve, J E Preece, S A Merkle
November 1996
Illustrations of Quarantine Pests for Europe 
by I M Smith, A S Roy
August 1996
Tree-Crop Interactions: A Physiological Approach
by C K Ong, P A Huxley
June 1996
Biotechnology and Integrated Pest Management 
by G J Persley
March 1996
Viruses of Plants 
by A A Brunt
March 1996
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