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Seedborne Diseases and Their Control 
by R B Maude
December 1995
Riceland Spiders of South and Southeast Asia 
by A T Barrion, J A Litsinger
September 1995
Host Plant Resistance to Insects 
by N Panda, G S Khush
July 1995
The Identification and Characterization of Pest Organisms 
by D L Hawksworth
April 1995
Fungi described and recorded fom Eucalypus 
by K V Sankaran, B C Sutton, D W Minter
January 1995
List of Diseases, pathogens and associated fungi of the common bean 
by D J Allen
January 1995
Diseases of Tropical Pasture Plants 
by J M Lenn�, P Trutmann
November 1994
Rice Blast Disease 
by R S Zeigler, S A Leong, P S Teng
November 1994
Stored Product Protection 
by E Highley, E J Wright, H J Banks, B R Champ
November 1994
Oriental Mealybug Parasitoids of the Anagyrini (Hymenoptera: Encyritdae) 
by J S Noyes, M Hayat
August 1994
The Potyviridae 
by D D Shukla, C W Ward, A A Brunt
August 1994
The Scale Insect Family Coccidae: An Identification Manual to Genera
by C J Hodgson
August 1994
Aphids on the World's Trees: An Identification and Information Guide
by R L Blackman, V F Eastop
June 1994
Ecology of Plant Pathogens 
by J P Blakeman, B Williamson
June 1994
Insect Pests of Cotton 
by G Matthews, J Tunstall
June 1994
Index of Economically Important Lepidoptera 
by B C Zhang
April 1994
Interfungal Parasitic Relationships 
by P Jeffries, T W K Young
March 1994
Rodent Pests and Their Control 
by A P Buckle, R Smith
March 1994
Potato Genetics 
by J E Bradshaw, G R Mackay
February 1994
Bacterial Wilt: The Disease and its Causative Agent, Pseudomonas solanacearum
by A C Hayward, G L Hartman
January 1994
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