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BNI March 1997 Vol 18. No.1 : Review

M. El Aydam and H.-M. B├╝rki (1997) Biological control of noxious pigweeds in Europe: a literature review of the insect species associated with Amaranthus spp. worldwide, BNI 18(1) Back to BNI Reviews
Abstract : The results of a comprehensive literature review are presented on insects associated with Amaranthus spp. worldwide. The aim was to collect information on species showing some potential for the biological control of pigweeds in Europe. Some 241 insect species are recorded from 21 different Amaranthus species. Most of them belong to the Coleoptera and Lepidoptera. In spite of the relatively large number of records, few of the known species seem to have potential as biological control agents. Therefore, additional surveys within the native range of the genus Amaranthus are indispensable.