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BNI March 1998 Vol 19. No.1 : Review

Jennifer Marohasy,  The design and interpretation of host-specificity tests for weed biological control with particular reference to insect behaviour, BNI 19(1) Back to BNI Reviews
Abstract :
Current host-specificity testing procedures in weed biological control fail to acknowledge behavioural phenomena that have the potential to impact on the interpretation of test results. I review current procedures and propose a new procedure that takes into account mechanisms known to underlie the behavioural process of host-plant finding and acceptance. The new procedure minimizes the likelihood of results that may lead to the rejection of safe insect species or, conversely, could lead to the release of potentially unsafe insect species for weed biological control. In addition, the period of time which elapses between the acceptance of the target weed and lower-ranked plant species, by candidate biological control agents, can be determined. I suggest that this period may be as important a measure of specificity as the actual number of plant species susceptible to attack.


Nina E. Jenkins, Gabriel Heviefo, Jürgen Langewald, Andrew J.Cherry and Chris J. Lomer, Development of mass production technology for aerial conidia for use as mycopesticides, BNI 19(1) Back to BNI Reviews
Abstract :
In any microbial control programme, production of sufficient quantities of good quality inoculum becomes essential to its success. The inoculum produced must beboth consistent and compatible with the intended formulation and applicationtechnology. Each of the stages in the development and optimization of a mass production technique for the production of aerial conidia is discussed. Full details of the LUBILOSA mass production system for aerial conidia of Metarhizium flavoviride are given, along with recommended contamination and quality control procedures.This technique has been used successfully to develop the specifications for a commercial product for the biological control of locusts and grasshoppers.

Dolly Lanfranco, Sandra Ide, Eladio Rojas, Cecilia Ruiz, Roberto Carrillo, Cecilia Martinez, Paola Jofre, Alejandro Simeone, Roberto Schlater, Juan Carlos Valencia and Raul Calderon,  Biological control agents in the management of pine shoot moth: studies, findings and expectations, BNI 19(1) Back to BNI Reviews