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BNI December 1998 Vol 19. No.4 : Review

Stephanie Williamson
Understanding natural enemies; a review of training and information in the practical use of biological control , BNI 19(4)
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Abstract :
The limitations of conventional methods of training and information provision on natural enemies are discussed. Farmer and popular understanding and perceptions about natural enemies are described. Lessons drawn and limitations encountered in traditional research and extension ‘top-down’ educational activities are examined and some of the more promising approaches are described. The constraints posed by the dearth of good quality information literature are discussed, together with best ways of making use of the information available. Specific problems arising from the lack of understanding of microbial control agents’ modes of action are outlined. Some innovative programmes using discovery-learning methods with farmers to make better use of biological control (the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach) are detailed, with case studies from vegetables in the Philippines, cotton in Pakistan, coffee and vegetables in Kenya and rice in Indonesia. The importance of these new approaches in influencing policy-makers is assessed.