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Biocontrol News and Information is a news, reviews, commentary and abstract journal designed to keep its international readership up to date with current developments in biological control. The journal occupies a niche between primary research journals and conventional review journals and is not normally a vehicle for the publication of original research data or methods.

Page Format

The Journal is printed in a two-column format (column width of 80 mm) with a text area of 257x165mm. The abstracts printed in the Journal are available electronically.


Papers should be typed, on one side of the paper only, with double line spacing and ample margins (at least 1.5cm) on each side and with no underlining or bold in text except for scientific names. Draft quality print from a word-processor is not acceptable. Standard abbreviations (e.g. fig. and figs) and metric units must be used. Use British rather than American spellings. Use `z' rather than `s' spellings in word with `ize'.


Upon acceptance, authors are requested to submit a 3½" disk containing the final version of their paper along with the final manuscript to the editorial office. Please do the following:

  1. Label disk clearly with author's name, title of journal and short title of the article;
  2. Specify which word processing software (including which version) was used (e.g., WordPerfect 6.0);
  3. Specify what computer was used;
  4. Include both original file and ASCII file on the disk;
  5. Keep a backup disk for reference and safety.


Manuscripts without artwork may be submitted in ASCII format by email. Please indicate any special characters that may be mistranslated during transmission.


Each paper must commence with a carefully prepared, accurate, informative abstract, in one paragraph, that is complete in itself and intelligible without reference to text or figures. It should not exceed 250 words. A short title should be provided as a running head.


Tables should be reduced to the simplest form and present only essential data. They should be submitted on separate sheets at the end of the article and must fit into single column, full width or landscape (if absolutely necessary) format. Captions should be typed on a separate sheet. The use of vertical rules should be avoided.


Copies of artwork only should be submitted. The original illustrations should accompany the paper after acceptance and revision. Captions should be typed on a separate sheet.

Line drawings These should be sharp and clear, black ink on white paper to about 1.5 times the intended final size. The lettering and lines should be of sufficient thickness and quality to stand reduction. Computer generated figures and graphs should not contain grey tints or complicated hatching.

Half-tone photographs Black and white half-tone photographs are acceptable where they are a real contribution to the text. They should be prints of good quality at the intended final size with any required lettering inserted by the author.


References must be based on the name and year system, give full journal titles and corfirm to the following styles:

  • Gross, N.R.; Lewis, W.J.; Nordlund, D.A. (1981) Trichogramma pretiosum: effect of prerelease parasitization experience on retention in release and efficiency.
    Environmental Entomology 10, 35-39.
  • King, E.G. (1993) Augmentation of parasites and predators for suppression of arthropod pests. In: Lumsden, R.D.; Vaughn, J.L. (eds) Pest management: biologically based techniques. Proceedings of the Beltsville Symposium 28, Maryland, 2-6 May 1993. Washington, DC; American Chemical Society, pp. 90-100

  • Bigler, F.. (1994) Quality control in Trichogramma production. In: Wajnberg, E.; Hassan, S.A. (eds) Biological control with egg parasitoids:
    Wallingford, UK; CAB INTERNATIONAL, pp. 93-111

Citation of authors in the text should appear in the form: Polaszek (1996) or (Polaszek 1996). More than one author should be cited in chronological order as: (Blackman et al., 1995; Roberts & Kumar, 1994).

Voucher copy

A voucher copy of the Journal is provided free to the author (or major author) of each paper.


25 copies of each paper are provided free to the author (or major author) of each paper. Additional copies may be obtained on payment and the number required must be specified and ordered before the issue has gone to press. Prices are available on application.


Authors will be supplied with a copyright form which must be completed and returned to the Publisher. Papers are accepted on the understanding that the work has been submitted exclusively to the Journal and has not been previously published elsewhere unless otherwise stated.

Disposal of material

Once published, all copies of the manuscript, correspondence and artwork will be held for six months before disposal. Authors must contact the Editor if they wish to have any material returned.


Two copies of the manuscript and artwork should be submitted to:

The Editor-in-Chief, Biocontrol News and Information,
CAB INTERNATIONAL, Silwood Park, Buckhurst Road,
Ascot, Berks SL5 7TA, UK.