• As part of its continuing commitment to Biosystematics, CABI Bioscience (integrating the International Institute of Entomology) is pleased to be able to announce the launch of the Identification Services Contract.

    Addressing clients' needs

    We find that the demands by clients for identification services vary widely according to the nature of their business. Therefore, CABI Bioscience has introduced a flexible identification service that allows the client to choose the level of service that he/she requires, in line with the needs of their own activities.


    The client has the advantage of being able to select the number of identifications that he/she thinks will be necessary, thus enabling better financial control. This could be especially useful to scientists/researchers or managers who are preparing budgets for projects for which identifications will be required. It is now possible to budget in advance for these by knowing exactly how much the cost will be.The governmental/agricultural sector can also take advantage of this scheme, by being able to purchase a certain number of ID's in advance, and then allocate them to their regional institutes/offices for use when identifications are required.

    The benefits

    For taking out a contract, the client, in return:

    • receives a discount from our normal charge (depending on status),
    • gets a top priority service,
    • has the advice of world renowned entomologists,
    • has the back-up and resources of one of the world's largest insect collections,
    • can request annual or quarterly payment.

    Further information

    A copy of the contract is available, as are the terms and conditions.

    For further information about about the charges, further discounts and methods of payment for this exciting scheme, please contact John Maxen at the address below.

    John Maxen Insect/Mite Identification Service
    CABI Bioscience,
    Bakeham Lane,
    Surrey TW20 9TY
    Tel: Switchboard 01784 470 111
    Fax: 01491 829100

    e-mail: j.maxen@cabi.org