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Journal Reviews

September 1998 Vol 77. No.9 Reviews
December 1997 Vol 76. No.12 Reviews

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Review of Plant Pathology  September 1998 Vol 77  No. 9

J.M. Thresh, G.W. Otim-Nape, M. Thankappan, V. Muniyappa, The mosaic diseases of cassava in Africa and India caused by whitefly-borne geminiviruses

Download PDF Article (295k)

Review of Plant Pathology  December 1997 Vol 76  No. 12

S. Nagarajan, S.S. Aujla, G.S. Nanda, I. Sharma, L.B. Goel, J. Kumar and D.V. Singh,  Karnal bunt (Tilletia indica) of wheat – a review. Download PDF Article (136k)