Plant Pathogenic Fungi and Bacteria

Description Sheets go electronic

CABI's International Mycological Institute has been commissioned by SAFRINET, the southern African LOOP of BioNET- INTERNATIONAL, to convert our full set of 1300 Description Sheets (the IMI Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria) into an electronic resource for use in SAFRINET countries. During the coming months we will be selecting suitable software and scanning each sheet to convert it into an electronic document. We will be building a user-friendly interface to these documents, including indexes to, for example, crop plants and countries, and incorporating a simple identification aid. The finished product is scheduled for delivery to SAFRINET early in 1998, after which CABI will consider how best we can market this new product for the benefit of other users.

Alphabetical Index to Sheets in Sets 1-130

The IMI Descriptions of Fungi and Bacteria include diagnostic descriptions and background biological information, with key references to the scientific literature, of approximately 1300 fungal and bacterial taxa, including many of the most economically important taxa. Each sheet is written by an authority on that organism. The following list is ordered alphabetically by genus and species name and, where relevant, by sub-specific taxon name. Some cross-referencing is included to anamorph-teleomorph connections and to synonyms where name usage has changed since publication of the Sheet.

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Forthcoming publications:

  • Soilbourne Diseases of Tropical Crops, R. J. Hillocks and J. M. Waller

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